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About - Manikanta Safety Nets

Dealers of specialised safety nets A safety net is a device that reduces the distance someone falls when they fall from a height, protecting them from injury. The phrase also describes equipment used to stop flying or falling objects for the protection of those outside or inside the net.

Children are frequently protected by safety nets from a variety of hazards, such as open windows, doors, passages, and balconies. Manikanta Enterprises has more than ten years of expertise in Bangalore manufacturing, trading, and repairing all types of safety nets.

We are the skilled experts in fixing Safety nets for Balcony Safety Nets, Pigeon Safety Nets, Anti Bird Nets, Pigeon Nets for Balconies, Cricket Net Practice, Children Safety Nets, Construction Safety Nets, Duct Area Safety Nets, Building Safety Nets, Industrial Safety Nets, Swimming Pool Safety Nets Stairway Safety nets, Monkey Safety Nets, Terrace Top Nets, Glass Safety Nets, Car Parking Safety Nets, Coconut Tree Nets, All types of Safety Nets, HDPE Nets – Nylon Nets.

Our Mission

We are Committed to providing the highest quality services and support for our clients, in tune with the quality, objectives and values. Life is Good: To spread the power of optimism.

Our Vision

To exceed our customers’ expectations with innovative and bespoke Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification services for their operations and supply chain. Globally. 24/7.eye

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Why, We Are Best in Safety Nets

Superior Quality Nets | Friendly & Quality Services | Professional Team | Available for 24/7 hours

Trusted By Most Customers

We always concentrate on the specific requirements of the clients. Our long existence in this field is due to the strict quality standards we follow.

Quality Warranty Assured

Best Quality | Vast Collection | Low Price … Free Installation 24*7 Working Days | Warranty Assured 3 to 8 years’| Support & Service | Free Quotation …. Get Now from Expert

Quality policy

Indicating that products will meet customer needs. This is often phrased in marketing terms. For example, the principle that products will “delight consumers

Free Installation & Free Inspection

Professional and Expert Team Available for 24/7 hours, We offer absolute Installation Free of nets fixing for all types of your Quality requirements.

Affordable Prices

We provide nets at reasonable price and 100% good quality. Best products are guaranteed when you buy products from us. We are … 5-8 Years Warranty*

Why only we are?

Expert fixing safety nets, we have served almost all major residential & commercial requirements. We offer best quality nets & competitive price.

Our Safety Nets

Anti Bird Nets Near Me in Karnataka

Balcony Safety Nets

Balcony safety net is used to prevent unwanted situation in buildings or apartments.. Where unexpected falling from balcony leads people life risky.. It makes people tension free, never feel fear to stay in high building

Building Safety Nets Installation

Building Safety Nets

Building safety nets is play important role to avoid breakage or damage to glass furnishing buildings. Other hand pigeon bird is actually a dirty, filthy menance, apest that messes up our and furnishing glasses window glasses with stinking, gooey droppings.

Children Safety Nets for Balconies

Children Safety Nets

Do you love kids, do you care your kids and do you think, “prevention is better then cure”. If yes for all, then do get fix Children Safety Nets for your apartment balcony. We can’t locked our children inside home all the time.

Duct Area Safety Nets Near Me

Duct Area Safety Nets

We are officially engaged and trading a superb quality assortment of Duct Area Safety Nets. Manikanta enterprise’s duct area safety nets offering netting services for all commercial and domestic requirements.

Monkey Safety Nets Near Me

Monkey Safety Nets

Monkey safety nets is basically used for avoiding monkey and other animals trespassing your areas. Monkey or other kind of animals play and live on trees branches. They can bite your loved ones or grab things through windows.

Construction Safety Nets Installation

Construction Safety Nets

We are leading trader of building construction safety nets in Bangalore. These products are used useful for enabling the workers to work safely and effectively at heights. Our range is suitable for the protection of fatalities and serious accidents

Bird Nets and Spikes

Pigeon Nets for Apartments

Pigeon Safety Nets

We face many problems with birds/pigeons in our places like apartments, factories, hotels and hospitals. We can find birds entering from plumbing ducts, ventilators and find suitable place for nesting on the pipes.

Balcony Safety Nets Near Me

Anti Bird Nets

Manikanta Anti Bird Nets are best quality nets used to protect your open balconies from birds, Anti Bird Nets are basically HDPE Nylon Nets which is temperature resistant. Bird nets are to prevent from making shelters in buildings and dirtying places

Bird & Pigeon & Bird Spikes Dealers in Bangalore | Plastic & Steel Spikes

Pigeon Spikes

Bird Spikes & Pigeon Spikes Dealers in Bangalore are to prevent from pigeon making shelters in buildings and dirtying place. It prevents entering birds or pigeons making unhealthy situation. Install pigeon nets for make your premises clean.

Sports and Cricket Nets

All Sports Nets Fixing Near me in Karnataka

All Sports Practice Nets

Manikanta Enterprises is offering a wide range of sports nets. Our sports nets have been appreciated by players, coaches and sports lovers of India. Our sports nets are primarily used in cricket ground

Sports Nets Installation Near Me in Karnataka

Cricket Practice Nets

We are specialized in making fencing nets which prevents ball going out of the premises during any sports activities in indoor and outdoor games like cricket, hockey, football, volleyball, tennis, skating etc..

All Sports Cricket Practice Nets

Terrace Cricket Practice Nets

Our sports nets are primarily used in cricket grounds. Where in it act as ball stopping fence and also control the audience entering into cricket fields.


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Frequently asked questions

What is the Maximum Mesh Size of Safety Nets?

The maximum centres for attachment of a fall arrest safety net is 2.5m when rope ties are used. It must be noted that other proprietary attachment devices may require closer attachment points and the manufacturer’s recommendations must always be followed.

Is Pigeon Dirting your Balcony?

Being a quality-oriented organization, we make use of the finest quality raw material that is procured from the vendors of high repute after doing a diligent study based on several quality parameters adhering to best quality and standards.

What is Net Material Used?

Nets are made of knotted polyethylene (HDPE) hence is UV resistant. HDPE nets are chemically inert, water and weather proof. It has high breaking strength. Nets are fixed using stainless steel wire framework and hardwares. For Further specifications, the nets are fixed using wire rope, net bolts, screw pins, barrel strainers and hogging staples .This helps tight installation of nets that cannot be stretched, giving it a strong, clean & beautiful appearance.

Can Netting be Cut by the bird's beak or affected by rains?

No. The polyethylene nets are strong enough to be cut by a bird’s beak. It can withstand a maximum weight of 15 kgs. (upto 15 mm). It is water proof and hence unaffected by rains

What Our Clients Says

Your Passion is our Satisfaction and We treat you like royalty and you deserve it

Vikas Jain

Balcony Nets

It’s very nice work and fully trained team what they have ……very happy for the work done and the service given to us …got my balconies net for pigeon done and they have really done very good job ….

Veena Mohan

Coconut Tree Nets

I have engaged the service to put net to coconut tree. They responded quickly and also have done the work deligently as per committed timings. I am satisfied with their work. My neighbors who saw the work also approached them to engage the work.

Gregorios K

Pigeon Nets

I took their service to install Monkey net in my balcony.
Prompt service, reasonable rate & neat work. I am happy with Manikantha nets.


Pigeon Nets

I am Mahesh we have installed pegion nets from manikanta saftey nets we are satisfied with them work & they are customer friendly good service on time with out delay and to avoid birds they are using new tecnology in fixing net that is very helpful to us & good looking bolcony 👌

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